We Bow Down to This Firefighter Mom Breastfeeding on the Job (PHOTO)

Breastfeeding firefighter

When you think about the traditional fireman, a breastfeeding mom probably doesn't come to mind. Angela Joy's photo of her nursing her baby in full firefighter gear is a beautiful reminder that women can both serve their families and still play an integral role in the workplace.


And in case you're wondering, Angela wasn't responding to a call.

Instead, the Australian mother of four and her husband -- both of whom work at the same fire department station -- were at a Country Fire Authority (CFA) community event. The organization asked Angela for a photo that, to her, celebrates Australia's diversity.

As you can see, Mom took the unconventional route, which has become a huge hit on the CFA Facebook page.

One of the many faces of CFA in 2016.CFA (Country Fire Authority)

Posted by CFA (Country Fire Authority) on Sunday, January 24, 2016

I think this is pretty rad, and not because I feel breastfeeding needs to be pushed in everyone's face. It's also awesome for the Country Fire Authority to not shy away from posting this photo.

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Granted, there are still many strides we need to accomplish in the realm of work/life balance, but Angela's photo is inspiring many women -- including expectant mothers -- who might've been nervous to take that chance, and pursue their endeavors. 

Angela's photo demonstrates that mommies can in fact play an important part in their home life and still be pretty kick-ass on the job.

Good job, mama.



Image via CFA (Country Fire Authority)/Facebook

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