Mom's Hack for Making Baby Fall Asleep in Seconds Is a Game Changer (VIDEO)

Baby boy falling asleep in the arms of her mother

Parents with babies, kindly stop what you're doing. You're going to want to see this. An unnamed UK woman has shocked the Internet with her ability make a baby sleep right away, thanks to a few strokes on the face.


The video, which appeared on French online magazine Pour nous les femmes's Facebook page last October, has been gaining a ton of momentum recently.

And who wouldn't want to watch such amazing footage of a woman getting a baby -- who seems quite awake -- to sleep in a matter of a minute?

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I don't know who this woman is, but please, teach me your trick. Matter fact, you can come to my house and practice rubbing my face and the back of my head -- you know, so I can learn the correct technique. 

Feel free to expound once I wake up from my slumber!



Image via Dasha Petrenko/Shutterstock

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