You Can Show Off 'Sexy Boobs' but Can't Breastfeed in Public -- Okay, Then! (VIDEO)

Public breastfeeding viral video

Do y'all remember when Joey Salads conducted his now viral public breastfeeding experiment? It shows how repulsed people are at the sight of a mom nursing her child. Well, Joey is back -- but this time, he wanted to get people's reactions to "sexy boobs" vs. a woman breastfeeding.


After all, a breast's a breast ... right?

Apparently, not to a lot of people.

"That's hot, and that's disgusting." Yeah, you should already have an idea where this is headed.

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Even though I'm kinda giving the side eye to whether or not some of these responses are scripted (some are just flat-out awkward), sadly, I'm not surprised there's such a double standard in our society.

So, it's okay to show jugs if they're perked up and enticing your erotic pleasures ... but the end of the world for a mother to nurse her child in public?

Got it.

*Insert eye roll*

And PS, some of these people are a little too bold to be approaching strangers! The balls some of these passersby have to be so nasty without shame is what really needs to be covered up.




Image via JoeySalads/YouTube

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