Woman's Reaction to News That She'll Be a Great Grandma to Triplets Is Everything (VIDEO)

Great-grandma-to-be finds out about triplets news

In case you didn't know, becoming a grandparent is a HUGE deal. Just ask Joy Smith, a Mississippi woman whose reaction to finding out she'll be a great-grandmother to triplets has both gone viral and warmed our hearts.


"Is that it right there?"

"Oh yeah, yeah, look at that baby."

This 82-year-old grandmother was overjoyed at news her granddaughter Mary Cooksey Patterson is having a baby. But what Joy didn't know is that Mary and her husband Brett had a bigger secret -- one that would be three times as enjoyable.

WATCH: Woman has a priceless reaction to finding out she is going to be a great-grandmother to triplets. "She was ecstatic!" http://abcn.ws/1njgR0E

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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"What?! Look at me! Is that true?!"

Aww! I love Joy ... and her joy!

Watching feel-good family moments like this makes me smile. I'm also happy for both Joy and her expectant granddaughter, as they both experienced loss. While Mary and Brett's triplets will call their 5-year-old daughter Breckyn big sis, the couple suffered a miscarriage before this pregnancy. Joy lost her husband a few months ago.

I hope this pregnancy goes as smooth as possible!



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