Everything You've Heard About Trying to Have a Baby After a Miscarriage Is Wrong

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A new study changes the recommendation about waiting to try to conceive again after having a miscarriage. We are told to wait at least three months, sometimes even longer, but this new information says that conceiving within three months increases the chances of a positive outcome.


This should give us hope.

Featured in Obstetrics & Gynecology, this study reviewed the cases of 1,083 women who experienced a miscarriage; most suffered the loss before 20 weeks. None of these women had a pregnancy complication such as a tubal pregnancy or the presence of abnormal fetal tissue.

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The women were monitored for six menstrual cycles, and those who became pregnant during that time were followed for the duration of their pregnancy. The trial took place from 2007 to 2011, and what they discovered was that the women who tried to conceive within the first three months after a miscarriage were more likely to get pregnant -- over 76 percent -- and those pregnancies resulted in 53 percent having a live birth. Waiting wasn't the right decision for everyone. The women who waited longer than three months to begin trying again had a 51 percent chance of conceiving. The chance of complications was the same for both women who waited and those who did not.

This notion of being ready pertains only to the physical aspect of it as far as this study is concerned. The previous thought was that our levels of folate weren't enough to allow conception, but what we have now learned is that that isn't always the case.

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Now the focus is on the emotional aspect -- and that is a strong one. Some of us may feel ready to try again right away; others are not. The right answer on what to do lies within us. And with this study and new information, we can now trust our instinct and how we feel in our hearts to know when we can start trying again. I appreciate that this decision is for us to make -- for couples to decide together how they feel is the best way for them to move forward after experiencing loss. And no matter what that decision is, let us all experience hope and have faith in our bodies and our abilities.


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