7th Grade Girl Named Isis Responds to Her Bullies (VIDEO)

Girl named Isis gets bullied at school for her name

Bullying is real and can cut very deep. An Oklahoma seventh grader is making headlines, and not because of her academics, or her DJ skills. No, this Nathan Hale Junior High student is a girl who's being bullied because her name is Isis.


Sadly, ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) -- also referred to as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) -- has been spreading terror across the world for some time now. That, however, does not mean that every person named Isis is a militant who seeks to spread fear and do harm.

Isis Brown is tired of crying, and tired of skipping class. Now in a new school -- after transferring because the bullying became too much to handle -- this young girl, once again, finds herself faced with hurtful comments.

It's been three years of the same treatment.

Not knowing what else to do, Isis created a Facebook video, in hopes of putting an end to the nonsense.

Isis Brown Sends a Message

The terror group ISIS is causing unexpected consequences for a Tulsa girl. 14-year-old Isis Brown has had the name far longer than any terror organization, but that doesn't matter to bullies who have made her a constant target.Today, she posted this video to send a message of hope for others dealing with the same problem. Please take a minute and watch her heartfelt video. HER FULL STORY HERE ----> http://bit.ly/1MYjdquKJRH DJ ISIS

Posted by Nathan Edwards KJRH on Friday, January 8, 2016

"You be the bigger person, and show them you're not putting up with this anymore -- that you can fight this battle. That you're not gonna let some wannabe bullies pick on you."

I truly hope Isis's days get brighter.

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ISIS might flood our media, but that doesn't give anyone the right -- no matter their age -- to harass and purposely try to make someone else's life miserable. No one should ever have to experience such cruel treatment. As parents, we really need to keep our eyes open and ears to the ground, so that we can stop our children from participating in such foolishness.

The Browns named their daughter Isis after the Egyptian goddess of nature and the sky. Like other parents whose children share the same name, never in a million years did they expect it to have an association with terrorism.

As Isis says in her video: "So, you kids out there with the name Isis, love your name. Cherish your name."

Keep your head up, sweet girl.



Image via Nathan Edwards KJRH/Facebook

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