Dad Tweets His Wife's Unplanned Home Birth & the Results Are Hilarious

marco rogersAll birth stories are pretty compelling, but the most entertaining are definitely those of the unexpected home birth variety -- especially when the tale is a blow-by-blow account being told via Twitter by a very freaked out (but ultimately quite competent) new dad!


When Aniyia Williams went into labor five days ahead of schedule, her husband, Marco Rogers, figured they had everything everything under control. After all, they'd read some books and talked to their doctor -- they knew what to expect, right? As Marco tweeted, the beginning of Aniyia's labor was pretty standard:

So stay home they did. But after several hours (and lots of scary sounds coming from Aniyia), Marco thought maybe it was time to call the hospital.

Unfortunately, he didn't exactly get the response he was hoping for:

Marco says he was "a little worried" at this point, but he and his wife figured they still had time. Still, the contractions were getting worse. So they decided to get her in the tub, which they'd heard could help to ease the pain of contractions. The water definitely did something, but just not what they were expecting:


Uh-oh! And that's not all:

Yikes! Marco had already been advised by the hospital to call immediately if his wife's water broke, so he knew it was time to get her to the delivery room, pronto. But things were suddenly moving way too fast!

Still, somehow Marco managed to get his wife dressed and almost to the car -- but, nope. Because the poor woman could already feel her baby's head coming out!

After an incredibly hectic few minutes involving Marco hilariously flipping through the "emergency delivery" section of What to Expect When You're Expecting, it was go-time (meaning, Marco could actually see his daughter's face!). While on speaker phone with 911, Marco encouraged his wife to push -- but she wasn't having it.

OMG OMG! Thanks to another powerful contraction, Marco didn't actually have to pull his daughter out: She "pops right out" into his hands.

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TADA!!! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Noemi Rose Rogers -- who, thankfully, is healthy and happy (EMTs arrived shortly after the little girl sounded her first cries). And here she is!

Awwww! And look at that smile in Marco's very first new daddy selfie!!

This family is just too adorable -- and too hilarious. Here's hoping Marco keeps on tweeting, because we can't wait to see what happens next!


Image via Marco Rogers/Twitter

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