3-Year-Old Wearing Diaper Caught Cruising Down the Highway in Toy Car (VIDEO)

little boys carA 3-year-old boy in Florida lived every toddler's fantasy this week when he drove his Power Wheels down a busy highway -- in his diaper, no less! Miraculously, he lived to tell the tale, thanks to the efforts of concerned drivers. But we know what your next question is going to be: Where were his parents??


According to witness Danny Collins, the boy's father showed up about 10 minutes after the boy was spotted in the median of US 19 in Crystal River, Florida, on Wednesday. The dad told deputies on the scene that his son had "slipped out of the house while he was in the bathroom," and that he must have climbed up on his chair to unlock the chain lock on the front door to escape. Check it out:


Oh my God, can you imagine?! It's easy to assume this happened as the result of child neglect, but in all honesty, this kind of thing could happen to almost any parent fool enough to believe he could actually use the bathroom by himself for a few minutes without anything horrible happening.

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One thing's for sure: The dad (who is currently being investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families) must have been beyond relieved to find his little boy safe and sound. I love that the little boy, on the other hand, was apparently less relieved and more disappointed to have his joy ride cut short.

Sorry, little man -- you have a few years left before you can get behind the wheel again!


Image via Alex & Rachel Johnson/Flickr

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