Parents Given Suspended Jail Time for Not Vaccinating Kids

vaccinationParents Marc and Samia Larere of France didn't want to vaccinate their children who are 15 months and 3 years old. They refused the polio, tetanus, and diphtheria vax over fear that it would harm their kids more than protect them. And for that, they nearly went to jail.


The vaccination laws are very strict in France, and school and daycare programs for kids require proof of immunization. When the family didn't have that proof for their daycare, they were charged with neglecting their children's health. This is a serious matter and has a $46,000 fine and two-year prison time attached to the offence.

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In the United States, the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP) vax and polio (IPV) vax is recommended by the CDC to be given starting at 2 months. I do know of some families who have chosen to delay or skip these vaccinations. Here, some schools will not let children attend without proof of vax or they need an exemption. Parents face jail time for refusing certain vaccinations in France.

I can hear those who are anti-vax now, siding with the Lareres who believe the vaccine was "toxic." This is a delicate topic and one I will not cast a full opinion on without knowing every circumstance. Were the Lareres concerned because of an underlying issue? Were their children sick? Were they just delaying? I will disclose that my kids are fully vaccinated -- though there were two times during their scheduling that I delayed slightly due to illness at time of vaccination. I am not someone who would host or attend a pox party, but I also did agonize over the decision to vaccinate my kids. I read a lot of information on both sides of the vaccine debate before coming to the decision to immunize.

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The Lareres had their initial charges reduced to "refusing to undergo mandatory vaccination" -- this offence has a maximum of six months jail time and a $5,800 fine. Some parents feel that those who do not vaccinate their kids deserve jail time. Many feel this is a negligent act. Is jail time too extreme? Leaving kids without their parents can be very damaging. But I am choosing to see good in this -- even though I believe in immunizations, I do want drug companies to take extreme care in what they put in those vaccines. We need to stay on top of this to make sure our children aren't given toxic additives, and thankfully much has improved over the years.

What it all comes down to is protecting our children's health.


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