New Self-Installing Car Seat Will Save Lives (VIDEO)

self installing car seatIt's coming this summer -- a car seat that is going to make a difference, one that I believe will save lives. It's by 4moms and it's a self-installing car seat and certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Technology at its finest.


It's about time! Car seat safety has always been a huge thing for me -- I'm that mom who is always happy to help parents get it right and am always reading up on what's new and recommended. 4moms did something incredible with this car seat -- this invention will take some of the guesswork out of getting the installation right, which means our babies will be safer.

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While you do have to click the latch in yourself, this car seat confirms that the latches are in and then it tensions it for you and provides verification that it's properly secured and supplies continuous monitoring through an app. This is all thanks to a robot built into the base -- a robot who will work with your car through its VIN number to make sure the seat is in the best location and secured in the safest way. All through the press of a button.

The hard truth is that four out of five times, a car seat is not properly installed. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for children. Installation is not always easy -- I find it very difficult to get the straps attached to the latch tight enough. This seat does it for you, though it's only for kids 4 to 30 pounds that are 32 inches or under. Let's hope 4moms continues their line and makes more seats for the bigger kids.

This seat will cost you $499.99, and while I know that is a lot of money, nothing is better than knowing your child is safe. No matter what car seat you do buy, I always say that it shouldn't be about the cheapest -- it should be about the safest. This is the one place I have always felt it important to spend money on. Forget the fancy baby sheets and decor -- car seat safety should be one of our top priorities.

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This doesn't take all the responsibility off of us, of course. We still need to secure our children into these seats properly, which means no winter coats and being sure to put the chest clip on the chest in the right place, no tangled or twisted straps, and have them tightly secured as well.

I'm hopeful more companies will get on board with new safety measures. This helps not only for us parents, but assists when our kids are with the grandparents and babysitters as well, ensuring that their car seat is the safest it can be.

Thank you, 4moms!


Image via 4moms

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