3-Year-Old Boy With Six-Pack Abs Puts All #Fitspiration to Shame (PHOTO)

3-Year-old boy has six-pack abs

A good number of us have goals to get in better shape. No matter how long the endeavor takes, there's a good chance you look to someone for "fitspiration." Well, one person you might want to start following is Dash Meagher. The Australian tot is a 3-year-old with six-pack abs, and he's all you need to see to get off the couch and do a couple push-ups.


Seriously, he's pretty ripped for a little kid.

Ursula is Dash's mother, who says her super-active boy gets his physique from simply being a kid. Whether he's off climbing trees or taking a light jog for, oh, you know, two miles or so, this 3-year-old just can't stay seated -- and in turn, he has developed a body that would make any personal trainer a little jealous.

Born two weeks late (doctors thought he was going to come 14 days early) and weighing 10 pounds a birth, Dash continues to amaze his parents. While Ursula says she and her husband aren't over the top when it comes to fitness, their son is simply a healthy little boy ... with tons of energy to burn.

Dash has become so popular that he now has his own Instagram account called Muscly Little Monster, where he shares his journey of being a kid with possible "super-human strength."

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Can I be honest with you?

I might have to side-eye any child if he or she were in the gym with me pumping iron. Not only would it make me feel like a total loser, but I would also find myself in some unhealthy competition with the tot, just to prove my physical endurance, haha.

Thankfully, most of us who enjoy working out won't run into Dash anytime soon -- and that's because his parents don't push him to try to look like Thor.

So long as this little one is happy, and doing all the things a 3-year-old loves (Ursula says Dash can't get enough of ice cream), if he gets a six-pack from enjoying the great outdoors and trampoline park, who am I to say, "Stop doing that"?

Matter of fact, Dash, if you happen to come to the US anytime soon, feel free to leave me your regimen and/or workout tape. If climbing trees and enjoying youth can give me so much muscle definition, I may need to get my Tarzan on too.



Image via musclylittlemonster/Instagram

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