54-Year-Old Mother Who Became Daughter's Surrogate Delivers Grandchild

Grandmother births granddaughter

The love a person can have for a child knows no bounds. After three years of unsuccessful attempts to have a baby -- including numerous miscarriages -- Kelley McKissack and her husband felt helpless. Thankfully, they have a guardian angel in the family. Tracey Thompson is Kelley's mother, and now, she's a grandmother who gave birth to her granddaughter.


Even though Tracey is 54 and went through menopause seven years ago, that didn't stop her from trying to help her daughter -- and my, did the effort pay off in such a beautiful way. On January 6, Tracey gave birth to a healthy baby girl, a child who will come to know her as grandma.

And if this story, and the close bond this family shares, doesn't move you, wait until you hear the baby's name. "Kelcey" honors both her mom Kelley and her grandmother Tracey.

Wow, what a bond!

No matter the difficulties involved -- including hormone therapy and carrying a baby later in life -- Tracey's gift to her daughter and son-in-law is nothing short of unconditional love. 

There's no doubt that Tracey wouldn't do anything for her daughter Kelley. This story is so heartwarming and reiterates how special families are.

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I can only imagine the joy Kelley and her husband feel now that they have their beautiful little girl. My heart breaks for people who experience child loss and troubles conceiving. I'm so thankful there's a happy ending that will only strengthen the loving bond -- that now includes three generations.



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