Dad Interviews Toddler Daughter & Her Sassiness Is Everything (VIDEO)

New Father Chronicles

When it comes to this thing called life, there are two questions a person will always contemplate: What is the meaning, and what the heck do babies think about? La Guardia Cross is an entertainer and dad whose one-on-one interview with his toddler daughter is both "thought provoking" ... and extremely funny.


"Why do you still refuse to sleep through the night?"

A part of the Miami native's New Father Chronicles on YouTube, La Guardia asked his 14-month-old daughter Amalah some heavy-hitting questions that would make Barbara Walters stop and take note (assuming she ever plans to interview a baby). 

"Do you have something that you would like to contribute to the family?"

Spoiler alert: A booger and a fart are involved.


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"Why would I abandon my greatest weapon? This weapon controls you and Mommy."


OMG, little Amalah is too adorable!

Little ones don't know just how funny they can be. This interview is super cute and something La Guardia can share with his daughter for time to come.

Love it!



Image via La Guardia Cross/YouTube

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