Internet Loses It Over This 8-Year-Old Boy in Drag Makeup (PHOTO)

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As parents, we do our best to teach our kids to reach for the stars and to be whatever they want. Florida resident Joey Killmeyer is a makeup artist who recently met a young man who shares his passion. And rather than turn him away, Joey taught the 8-year-old boy about drag makeup, something young Ethan has wanted to learn.


Needless to say, the end result sparked a ton of controversy -- and not because little Ethan learned to contour.

If we're honest, seeing any young child with so much makeup on would likely turn heads, but seeing an 8-year-old boy ... in drag makeup?  


As Joey explains, Ethan was the one who initiated the consultation. A fan of Jeffree Star, the 8-year-old wanted to learn how to apply drag makeup, and with his mother's blessing, he was allowed to sit under Joey's tutelage.

The end result is a pretty amazing display of artistic creativity, teamwork (both Joey and Ethan applied makeup), and a young boy receiving a ton of confidence that will encourage Ethan to pursue his future endeavors.


Joey was taken aback at how supportive Ethan's mom was to his request. Instead of saying, "No, boys don't do that," she allowed her child to explore his creative side -- which, in many ways, is a lesson for all parents.

I understand that some are more comfortable than others entertaining certain ideas, but that doesn't mean we silence a dream because it's not "the norm."

Again thank you everyone for the shares and love. BUT please take note. Ethan wanted to learn drag makeup. He wants to...

Posted by Joey Killmeyer on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ethan might be 8, but the boy's got talent. Joey has emphasized that Ethan's love for makeup doesn't automatically make him gay or want to be a drag queen. So long as he's not harming his well-being -- and Mom is at the helm of decision-making -- who are we to say what's right and wrong for this boy?

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Ethan could be a makeup artist to the stars, or win an Academy Award one day. He could launch his own collection of products and become a financial success.

We have no idea what the future holds for this little boy, but thankfully, he has a mama who's allowing him to pursue his dreams.

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