Toddler Can't Stop Laughing at the Word 'Donkey' & Now We Have the Giggles Too (VIDEO)

Toddler boy can't stop laughing at the site of a donkey learning card

In case you didn't know, children are super cute and super funny. This toddler boy hysterically laughing at a donkey card is just about the best thing you'll see today.


America's Funniest Home Videos posted a clip on YouTube of an unnamed little boy learning his animals. He immediately cracks up when his mom says "donkey," before she hands him the learning card.

Who knew donkeys were so funny, but this toddler thinks they're extremely amusing.

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I don't know who this mother is, but on behalf of those who viewed the video, thank you for sharing your sweet boy with us!

OMG, this little guy's laugh is so infectious, I find myself snickering at the word "donkey." Maybe he already knows it means "ass," and maybe it just sounds super funny to him. Whatever the reason is, this video definitely made my day.

Kids, gotta love 'em.


Image via America's Funniest Home Videos / YouTube

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