Dad’s Changing Station Win in Men’s Bathroom Is a Small Victory for Us All

Diaper changing table in men's bathroom

I hate public restrooms. No, I loathe them. This is one of the reasons why I'm thankful for my husband, and his ability to battle germs -- and super nasty visuals that will want to make you gag -- every time he changes a diaper outside our home. Sadly, not all public bathrooms are created equal. When Anthony Dew needed a Macy's men's room to have a changing table, it didn't ... so he wrote a letter.


... And scored a pretty major victory for parents.

High five, Anthony!

Earlier this month, the Maryland dad was out and about with his 4-month-old son Jeremiah. Changing his diaper before they left the house, Anthony later realized during their expedition that little man needed a fresh nappy.

Anthony spent some time traveling through the Macy's in the Mall at Prince Georges but couldn't seem to find a men's restroom with a changing station. After his experience, the DMV (that's slang for District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area. Yeah, we're cool like that) dad thought it was a good idea to write Macy's CEO, Terry J. Lundgren, and tell him, on behalf of all fathers, why his stores need changing tables in the men's restroom.

Well, it seems someone from Terry's camp read Anthony's message, as word traveled back to the Prince George's County store. Within the same week, there was a changing station in the men's bathroom.


Okay, so I know this isn't solving world peace or anything but, my goodness, it's a small victory for dads and moms alike.

Every public restroom needs to have some sort of changing station.


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Do companies assume that children won't pee or poo when they're with Dad? Do they think moms will always be the ones to wipe a butt?

Having a diaper changing station in bathrooms just makes sense. There are tons of men who have their kids with them while they're away from their home -- including single fathers. It's already awkward enough trying to change your kid in the car, so why not just add the space -- so the gents can keep calm and continue with their shopping experience?

I don't even want to think about changing my children on the floor of a public restroom (remember, I loathe them). Barf!

I know there will be times when a parent has to do what a parent's gotta do ... but please, oh please, install a changing table for everyone. If anything, it will encourage more dads to go out with their diaper-wearing kids, and give moms a break from doo-doo watch.

See how fast this situation was resolved? And you didn't need to call Olivia Pope & Associates.




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