Deaf Husband’s Emotional Reaction to Wife’s Pregnancy Will Melt Your Heart

Positive pregnancy test

When mom-to-be Brittany Welch found out she was expecting, she wanted to make the reveal special for her husband David. To say this father-to-be's reaction to his wife's pregnancy announcement is priceless is simply an understatement. It will leave you smiling and possibly, in tears.


And what's even more touching is the exchange of sign language between this couple. Although David is deaf, you can feel his emotions radiate through the screen, as he finds out he's going to be a dad.

Brittany, who recorded David's response on October 8, recently shared the video on YouTube (she requested for embedding to be disabled, so you'll have to see it there. Just be sure to hit the closed caption button.) -- that's become a hit with viewers.

Stuffing a gift bag with tons of tissue paper, Brittany made her love sift through a series of clues. It's so funny to see David's reaction. He's sooo puzzled about what's in store. After all, who takes time to wrap up a Baby Ruth candy bar and bottle of soda (it's actually Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer ... hint, hint)?

Why, an expecting mom, of course.

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Once David realizes his wife is trying to tell him she's pregnant, you can't help but cheer for this guy.

His hands were literally shaking as he looked at the two positive pregnancy tests.

"I will be a dad?" he signs to his wife.


I'm such a sucker for new beginnings and happy endings to stories.

David seems overjoyed to know he's going to be a father -- and what a treat to capture the big reveal on video.

Congratulations to this couple!





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