Flight Attendant's Kindness Towards Family With Baby Goes Viral (PHOTO)

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Any parent with small children understands just how nerve-racking it is to travel, especially fly! Heather Gooch and her husband were hoping for smooth sailing during a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. Seeing as they were with their 9-month-old in tow, it's pretty easy to picture tot-sized turbulence happening at any time. Luckily for them, a flight attendant's beautiful act of kindness towards their baby boy helped keep him calm for the entire trip.


I guess angels can still cruise at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

As you might expect, Heather and her husband were pleasantly surprised when Anissa Charles assisted their family. Traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, back home to New York, the couple had no idea what was in store -- including how their 9-month-old would act. It was his first flight, and like most babies, he probably was bored out of his mind sitting in a seat for hours.

As fate would have it, Anissa came across Heather's little man. He fell in love with her, and Anissa saw his anxiousness, prompting her to walk the aisles with the 9-month-old. Not only was this a wonderful gesture -- that definitely went above and beyond the call of duty -- but kept baby happy, and gave Heather and her guy time to enjoy their lunch.

Thanks to the power of Facebook, Heather was able to share her story that caught the eyes of many people -- including Anissa!

Dear Southwest, I'm hoping you can share this post so that I can be sure that it finds its way to a very special...

Posted by Heather Gooch on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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I'm so happy Anissa was able to see Heather's message and respond.

"... It was truly my pleasure, and he made MY day!! I needed him more than he wanted me to hang out with! Lol, you know, since I can walk and all! Lol I don't mind being used by babies ..."

It really warms my heart to hear about stories like this. Unfortunately, there are way too many horrific situations that would make you never want to leave your home.

Anissa was a godsend, who was able to make something as ordinary as flying so special for this family. This just goes to show that you never know how much your random acts of kindness can mean to others.

Aww, yay for happy endings!



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