Teen Girl Gifts Dad With Christmas Pregnancy Prank (VIDEO)

Teen daughter pranks dad over Christmas with

Holiday gifts can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes, you get what you want -- and sometimes, you get something you least expect. Brooke is a high school senior in Texas, making headlines for her pregnancy Christmas prank that's gone viral.


In many ways, Brooke turned her pops into an internet sensation, as Twitter can't stop laughing at his reaction.

Like most us, Dad expected to get somewhat of a decent gift from the people he loves. Sure, there are folks who don't mind giving the man in their life a new pair of socks, or a tie, but Brooke's Christmas gift was even more shocking.

Baby socks.

Cue the confusion!

"Are you serious? You better not be."

Dad tried his best to keep his cool, but it was sooo hard.


"You almost ruined my Christmas!"

OMG, this poor dad!

I could never pull off something like this, because my father would have a more colorful response -- that would likely include the f-word ... a few times ... squared.

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Teen pregnancy is obviously quite serious, but maybe this family enjoys the unconventional laugh from time to time? This is definitely a Christmas memory that will go down in history.

I wonder what's in store for Father's Day?




Image via x_broooke_x/Twitter

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