Your Baby Is Terrified of Santa for a Really Good Reason

Did you get all excited to take your baby for her first visit to sit on Santa's lap only to have her dissolve into tears? That's because your baby is terrified of Jolly 'Ol St. Nick for a very good reason. 


According to a news report from, babies who are scared of Santa are developing a sense of stranger danger. Mandy Seyfang, from the Department of Education and Childhood Development, said that "to have that natural fear of the stranger, of Father Christmas, of Santa, is really a good sign for your children."

So your babies aren't trying to ruin your holiday card or spoil a special memory you wanted to create by having them sit on Santa's lap; they are merely terrified of this weird, old guy in the red suit you are forcing them to bond with! 

This all makes sense to me because I know my own kids were scared of Santa, despite the fact we had watched roughly a hundred Christmas movies before I brought them to meet him. 

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So, don't feel bad if your baby doesn't love Santa at first or if she starts bawling when you introduce her to a long-lost relative she hasn't met before -- it's just that when babies are little they prefer people they are used to, like Mom or Dad or their caregiver. Once they figure out that it's the jolly dude in the suit who brings them presents (that is, if you teach them to believe in Santa), they will warm right up to him! 


Image via © Natacha Pisarenko/ /AP/Corbis

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