Single Mom Stars in Adult Films to Fund 5-Year-Old Son's Christmas Wishes

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How far would you go to make sure your child had the perfect holiday? Megan Clara is a single mom living in the UK who starred in porn to fund her son's Christmas gifts -- and quite frankly doesn't give a flip what you think about it.


Last year, Megan barely made $120 each week to provide for both herself and her 5-year-old son Ashton. Like most parents, she wanted her little one to have the best, which didn't include another holiday where she was scraping by (yet again) to put something under the tree.

With a past desire to model, the 20-year-old mum made the decision to be in front of the camera -- including posing for glamour shots and doing adult films. Needless to say, this single mother has been able to increase her income, which now allows for both a merrier Christmas for Ashton and a better life altogether.

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As much as I consider myself a "prude" at times, if Megan wants to have a career in the adult film industry, who the heck am I to judge? There are tons of people who watch porn, which means there are tons of people who star in it.

I know the thought of a mom "doing porn" to pay for her child's Christmas gifts can result in a side eye, but it doesn't seem (at least to me) like this mom was pressured to do something she didn't want to do. Megan is definitely calling the shots (well, maybe not from the director's chair, but you know what I mean) and is really trying to make a profession out of this. By the looks of Megan's Facebook page, she just landed a new job at Playboy TV, which could be both stable and lucrative.

I'm sure Megan will have a discussion with her son Ashton about her profession as he gets older. That's between their family.

The only words of caution I have are to maybe watch how much you oblige your child's requests. Don't get me wrong, kids are cute (I know, I have two little boys), but just because Mommy can buy whatever you want doesn't mean she will. This is one of the reasons why my husband and I plan (that's the keyword of the day) to minimize how many presents we give our kids each year.

I wouldn't, however, knock any mother or father who wanted to indulge a little more in the holiday season -- or question how they funded their endeavors. If it's legal, and you're paying taxes, do what you think is best.

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I would also add possibly going to school (it has nothing to do with Christmas, but it is a gift that keeps on giving), but it looks like Megan tries to get her education whenever she can.

The bottom line is this: Even if you don't agree with Megan's actions, they are her own. Every mother will do what she thinks is best to provide for her child.

Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!



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