The Project Papa Film Shows the Love Between a Daughter & Her Father (VIDEO)

Project Papa Film

It's so important to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You just never know when you'll get a second chance. Kanika Batra hopes to inspire daughters and fathers to not let loving moments pass them by. Her Project Papa Film focuses on living in the present and sharing your feelings with the loving man you're proud to call Dad.



Kanika wanted to spend more time with her dad, Rakesh Batra, and created this passion project to celebrate the father/daughter relationship and say "I love you." She joins others, who had an open dialogue with their dads about time and the need say how you feel right now.

"I wish I could've been closer to him."

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This is such a touching video that is full of so much warmth and love -- and it's only five minutes long! You can feel the emotion through the screen, which made me want to pick up a phone and call my dad (I did).

There are so many takeaways that I think will resonate with so many families.

Pretty much anything else in life you can do over again. Whether it's a career, whether it's an experience -- travel, or whatever -- but your kids only get one shot. You can't really afford to mess that up.

Even though this project is geared toward daughters and their dads, I couldn't help but think about my boys. How can I be the best version of myself for them? What can I do today, in the moment?



Image via Metanoia Movies India - Project Papa Film/YouTube

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