Single Dad Seeks Breast Milk Donations Following Sudden Death of Baby's Mom (VIDEO)


breast milk donationsWhen Alex Green of Bend, Oregon, suddenly found himself a single father to his 3-month-old son Brody, he knew he would do everything he could to take care of him -- but there was one thing he couldn't, and that was breastfeed. Because he also knew that Brody's mom, who was killed in a car accident, wanted to breastfeed him for a year, this broke his heart. Then, fate intervened -- in the form of generous, lactating moms!


Not knowing what else to do, Green looked for help on social media -- specifically, the Facebook group Portland Mamas, which has over 11,000 members. 

“I am a new single father to Brody, my 8-month-old son,” he posted.

“His mother died in a car crash 4 months ago. His mother wanted to breast feed him until he was a year old. So for the past 4 months I have continuously been seeking out breast milk donations. And that is what I am doing now.”

“I can obviously do almost anything for him except breastfeed him,” he said. “I knew his mom wanted to breastfeed until he was a year old, and I was willing to do whatever it takes to do that for him. I’m no hero in this situation. I think people donating their time and breast milk are the ones who should be acknowledged. I’m just an average, ordinary guy trying to take care of his son.” 

It's a story any mom would be moved by -- and many were. Already, Green has received enough breastmilk donations to feed Brody through his first birthday!

Get the tissues ready for this video:

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Unbelievably sweet, and sad. But I'm sure Brody's mom is somewhere looking down, proud of her baby's father for trying so hard to honor her wishes -- and touched by the kindness of so many moms. It takes a village, indeed!


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