Breastfeeding Mom Sits on Santa's Lap & Everybody Loses Their Minds (PHOTO)

santaBreastfeeding photos causing a giant stir on social media are nothing new, but the latest nursing pic freaking people out is definitely a first, because it stars Santa Claus himself! No, Santa isn't the one breastfeeding, but the mom sitting on his lap is -- and some folks don't like it.


Forty-year-old Rebecca Dunbar of Ontario thought she was being funny and festive when she posted a photo of herself nursing her 1-year-old while posing with Santa. She was also being practical, as she told Global News:

"Honestly, we were just in line and my little guy, who has the patience of nothing, decided he was hungry in about two seconds. He would have just screamed the entire time so I started nursing him. And we were next in line."

Dunbar checked with the photographer -- and the Santa, of course -- to make sure they were cool with the whole thing before actually taking the shot. They were, so ... this happened:
That look on Santa's face! Priceless. Price-LESS. And pretty dang hilarious, too, right? Not if you ask the Internet at large. Here are just a few of the outraged comments this pic inspired:
Really?! Look, I can understand people being a little uncomfortable with this concept -- except, wait, no I can't. Maybe it's because I've breastfed three children myself, but anyone who sees nursing a child as anything other than what it is -- a necessary bodily function no different than drinking a glass of water or breathing air -- needs to take a serious look at their priorities and do some major re-evaluating. 
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This mom is doing nothing wrong. And I am willing to bet that if she was revealing the exact same amount of boob in a sexy Christmas sweater, the comments would be of a very different nature. 
Image via Carlos/Flickr
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