Millennial Moms Think They're Really Good Parents

happy little girl hugging and kissing her motherIn case you didn't know: Parenting is hard work. No matter how many "manuals" and self-help books you read, nothing can prepare you for the ride. A new study reveals that millennial moms think they're really good parents -- which, hopefully, can provide some sort of encouragement. And if it doesn't, just fake it until you make it.


Those who aren't a part of the 18 to 34 age group shouldn't fear. Many parents think they're generally doing a good job of raising their kids.

It's just that 6 in 10 millennial mamas rate themselves higher in the parenting department.

In comparison, roughly 48 percent of Gen X moms (ages 35 to 50) give themselves high marks as a mother. Baby boomers, ages 51 to 69, are a little more modest with their self-rating (41 percent).

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All of this info comes from researchers at the Pew Research Center, which just released a new study that takes a look at "parenting divides." While personal philosophies -- like whether or not you prefer co-sleeping, or taking a helicopter approach to raising your kiddos -- do set moms and dads a part, these findings hope to focus on basic challenges -- like income and where you live -- that can influence your views on what makes a good parent.

Although there are different concerns across the board, it does look like most parents think they're doing a pretty decent job with their children. Whether you're a young or older mother, single, married, living with a partner, and whether you have a little money or more than a few coins in the bank, you, friend, are a good parent.

As a "millennial mom," I think I do all right. Being a mother of two kids 16 months apart can be ... challenging, but not impossible. As resourceful as I think I am, I have no problem looking to others more seasoned in the parenting game for help -- or Google, depending which is faster (haha).

It's great to hear a study give any parent props on ... well, parenting. There's so much in life that can cause division among people, which takes away from one simple fact: All of us are trying our best, and no one has all the answers.

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The love a mother has for her child isn't exclusive to a particular income or age group. Yes, we all have different experiences, but it's good to know so many think they're doing a swell job at raising the next generation.



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