Little Girl Mistakes Man With Beard for Santa & Gets Sweetest Response (VIDEO)

sophie santa walmartThe Christmas spirit is alive and well, as evidenced in this sweet interaction in a West Virginia Walmart. While shopping, little Sophie saw a man who looked like Santa -- white beard and red shirt -- and she went to speak with him. The two had a delightfully adorable conversation.


The look-alike Saint Nick is Robert Larck, who kindly got down on his knee to speak with sweet Sophie about Christmas. It was reported that Sophie kept seeing him throughout the store and was sneaking up on him until she finally decided to ask him if he was Santa Claus.

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Larck did a great job of keeping her holiday spirit alive, talking about the excitement of Christmas and if she was going to leave cookies for him. And depending on how easily you are brought to happy tears, well, this may just get you there. It sure did for me.

Sophie found Santa at Walmart this evening. She saw him then kept sneaking up on him. She asked him if he was Santa at first and if you turn up the volume you can hear the rest. So cute and innocent. I love this!!Jukin Media Verified (Original)* For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Robert Riley on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Larck -- I mean Santa -- told Sophie's dad Robert Riley that this sweet exchange "was the best present he has received for a long long time."  I'll just give you all a moment to collect yourselves. Tissue, anyone?

Kindness is all around us. And if you forget that, look to your children -- they will remind you. Their sweetness reminds us of what is good in this world, and it's not just there with our children, as we can see from the actions of Mr. Larck, who gives us a clear reminder that the spirit of kindness is there in many of us. Thank you, Santa!

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Just yesterday as I was leaving a doctor's appointment, an older man was in the waiting room and we happened to lock eyes. I smiled at him and said, "Hello." He responded with a bright smile, a "Hello," and "Merry Christmas." I wished him a Merry Christmas as well, and that smile didn't leave my face. It is the little things we do for others, and the kindness of strangers that helps keep us smiling.

May you all smile brightly today. Sophie and Mr. Larck certainly help make that possible.


Image via Robert Riley / Facebook

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