Meanest Substitute Teacher Ever Tells Kids There's No Santa (VIDEO)

santa clausWhat's the Grinchiest thing you can possibly imagine doing to a bunch of elementary school kids the week before Christmas? If you said "tell them there's no Santa Claus," you're right -- and that's exactly what one substitute teacher in Massachusetts did (much to the outrage of parents!).


Moms and dads of kids at Colonial Park Elementary in Stoneham are up in arms because a substitute teacher told second grade -- second grade! -- students that Santa Claus is "just a character" who doesn't really exist, and that their parents are the ones buying all the presents. Sheesh! Who is this lady, Krampus in disguise?

After many of the children understandably went home in tears, the school principal emailed parents to let them know what happened, and to apologize for the extremely unfortunate incident. 

"I was appalled to learn a substitute would purposely talk to students about the existence of Santa Claus," read the letter.

But the sentiment offered little comfort to parents of heartbroken kids. As one mom told FOX25:

"Who are they letting through, and what do they know about these people that they're putting with our children for the day? I just want to know why -- what could possibly have been going through her mind to come out with a statement like that?"

Seriously! Did she think she was doing the kids a favor in some twisted way by freeing them of the delusion of merry old St. Nick? Because guess what, 7-year-old kids are totally okay being deluded about stuff like that. Childhood is the only time in life when magical thinking is actually acceptable, so why not run with it? Especially at Christmastime. Even the news anchors reporting this story seem horrified:

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At the very least, it seems as if some kids are unwilling to believe the cranky sub. For example, one woman's son told her that the teacher was "really mean, and that he doesn't understand why she would say that, and that she's on the naughty list" -- which means he still believes there IS a naughty list, so that's a good thing. Not that it's mandatory for kids to believe in Santa Claus, of course. But whether or not they take the legend as fact should be up to them, or their parents. Not a substitute teacher they've never even met before.

Guess we know who's getting coal in HER stocking this year! And by "coal," I mean "never getting hired by Colonial Park Elementary again."


Image via Bart Fields/Flickr 

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