These Kids Who Know the True Meaning of Christmas Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

UPtv asked children at the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club if they wanted a gift for themselves, or one for their parents. Considering that 83 percent of the kids who belong to the organization come from low-income families and may not get the gift they are dreaming of under their tree, the decision they make will probably have you bawling at your computer. Like all of us at the office are. 


Get your tissues ready for around the 1:13 mark. 


Their reactions are all so dear. I can't even with these kids. You can tell their parents have raised them with such good values. I'm so happy they got the gift for themselves, as well, because these little guys deserve it. 

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Some of the YouTube comments have said the kids are obviously being manipulated, which I think means those commenting just don't have kids -- anyone who does have kids can tell you that they aren't going to change their whole nature just because they are being filmed. 

UPtv is encouraging people to #GiveitUP this season by purchasing a gift your family really wants and donating it to a family in need. 


 Image via UPtv/YouTube

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