Family’s Christmas Card Intended for Laughs Gets Labeled as Sexist (PHOTO)

Santa Claus taking a photoIt's not uncommon for families to take holiday portraits they can send to loved ones. In fact, it's almost expected this time of year. When Louisiana parents Lanie and James Johnson hired friend and photographer Hannah Hawkes to take their family's picture, the couple had no idea their Christmas card would become so controversial.


To say the Johnsons and Hawkes received backlash over their season's greetings would be an understatement.

Folks weren't happy to see Lanie and her three daughters bound with Christmas lights, and their mouths taped shut. Many considered it tacky, tasteless, and abusive -- both to women and children.

Hannah shared the family portrait on her photography company's Facebook page, but it's since been removed. A commentor allegedly reported it to Facebook who, in turn, removed it for "violating Community Standards."

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Note to self: Do not look to Pinterest for out-of-the-box holiday card ideas (that's what Lanie did). It might get you in trouble.

Look, I understand how this Christmas card sparked so much controversy. The visual of a woman and little girls bound -- while a boy gives the thumbs up, and a man holds a "Peace on Earth" sign -- could definitely rub people the wrong way. And yes, misogyny, human trafficking, and domestic violence are very real and scary situations.

...But, to be fair, I don't think that was their goal or intention.

Now, I'll be honest: When I first glanced at the Christmas card, I thought the parents were trying to make a social statement, about the voice of women being silenced. Then I realized, that likely wasn't the case -- and that they were probably trying to poke some fun at the fact that the gals in this family talk a little too much (maybe that's their family dynamic. Who knows).

Even if you don't agree with this holiday card (no one says you have to), I certainly don't think the solution is to beat up these parents. There has to be a better way to express our opinions. As much as I see the intent to be funny, I also can't deny the sentiments of those who oppose such imagery, because of what it references.

Who knew that a Christmas greeting could spark a discussion about harsh truths happening behind closed doors?



Image via Milles Studio/Shutterstock

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