Dad Reimagines 4-Month-Old Son as Elf on the Shelf & It's Brilliant

baby dressed as elf on shelf
That Dad Blog/Facebook

It seems folks are tired of moving around that darn Elf on the Shelf. Maybe they forget ... or maybe they want to live out a holiday dream -- that includes becoming one of Santa's little helpers. Who knows if this is true or not, but for Alan Lawrence, he saw an opportunity to transform his 4-month-old son into an Elf on the Shelf. As you probably guessed, the photos are too cute for words.


The Utah father of six is the mastermind behind the hilarious site That Dad Blog who couldn't help but share his journey to Christmas with his son Rockwell -- who's also known as "Rock the elf."

On his blog's Facebook page earlier this month, Alan started posting pictures of baby Rockwell that take elf decorating to a new level. Aside from Rock's being all sorts of precious, these Elf on the Shelf scenarios are so much fun.

Don't challenge this little one to a game of Connect Four. He whipped up on Godzilla and is taking numbers.

baby elf on the shelf
That Dad Blog/Facebook

A parent ... who has privacy ... in the bathroom? Hahaha, not today!

baby elf on the shelf
That Dad Blog/Facebook

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Aww, he was only trying to make the Christmas tree prettier.

baby elf on shelf
That Dad Blog/Facebook

These photos are so adorable, and would make for the perfect holiday cards. I have to give any parent who dresses up their baby credit for taking time to think of these scenarios. I bow down to your dedication.

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Even though little Rockwell is probably too young to enjoy a true Elf on the Shelf, at least his folks can have fun dressing him up for their own enjoyment.

This definitely ups the ante on holiday traditions!

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