Cashier's Kind Act Toward 3-Year-Old Helps Lift His Spirits (PHOTO)

Empty cash desk at grocery storeChristmas came a little early for one Ohio mom and her son. Kimberly Grandinette still can't believe how kind Kristen Clark was when the Meijer grocery cashier allowed her 3-year-old to ring up coupons -- which, in turn, made his day.


Now, standing behind a checkout counter might not sound like a big deal to you, but for Paul, it was awesome.

You see, Paul is 3, and has been having a bit of trouble adjusting to his family's new reality. His baby brother Remington is in the hospital -- battling a disorder that affects his kidneys and immune system -- which makes trips to and from home extremely frequent.

After mom Kimberly told Kristen about her family's story, the cashier couldn't help but oblige little Paul when he asked to help ring up their groceries.

As you can see, Kristen's simple act of kindness really touched Mom's heart -- and others' too, thanks to this photo that's gone viral.

I just wanted to tell you about an awesome experience I had today. My three year old son and I went through the checkout...

Posted by Kimberly Grandinette on Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Hearing about this story makes me all sorts of happy on the inside, and not because Christmas is around the corner.

For starters, Kristen was able to put a smile on a 3-year-old's face, which likely made his day a little easier. Kids can have a tough time as is trying to cope with change -- including what to think about a sibling in the hospital. I can only imagine how cool it was for Paul to scan coupons at the register.

This just goes to show, you never know how small gestures of kindness can have a big effect.



Image via Aleph Studio/Shutterstock

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