Mom Updates Tattoo to Honor Transgender Son (PHOTO)

Mom changes family tattoo to support transgender sonIn many ways, tattoos are considered a permanent and artistic reflection of things dear to your heart. For Canadian mom Lindsay Peace, that meant making a few changes to an ink job she got over a decade ago. This mother of three had no issue updating her tattoo, to reflect her transgender son, Ace.


Luckily for Lindsay, she married a man named Steve who also happens to be a tattoo artist. In fact, he was the one who did the original artwork 10 years ago, and encouraged his wife to make the necessary changes.

Lindsay and Steve wanted their eldest child, Ace, to know he's loved and accepted. Now 15, Ace is a FTM (female to male) transgender teen who's living in his truth. Thanks to some creativity from Dad, Lindsay was able to update her tattoo to reflect her son.

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In case you're wondering, Ace loved it!

This was a very sweet gesture that only reiterates the message of love and support from these parents. I think it was a great decision to update the tattoo, instead of having it removed.

Good job, Mom and Dad.


Image via Steve Peace Tattoos / Facebook

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