'That Parenting Moment When' Sums Up Parenting in a Perfectly Hilarious Way (PHOTOS)

'That Parenting Moment When' Sums Up Parenting in a Perfectly Hilarious Way (PHOTOS)

that parenting moment whenThere are certain experiences we share as parents that are truly universal: Doesn't matter if you're a mom or dad, or if you have one kid or 10, we all end up smacking our foreheads in frustration in the middle of the night at some point or another! That's what Canadian dad blogger Mike Reynolds has tapped into with a series of cute and clever memes every parent will appreciate for their hard-won, hilarious honesty.

"I decided to start doing them because I wanted to reassure other parents that they weren't the only ones experiencing all the ridiculous things that come with parenting," Reynolds told The Stir about his memes.

"Or maybe I was trying to reassure myself of that very thing," he added. 

"I hoped that if we were getting a laugh out of it, someone else would, too."

Oh, we're definitely getting a laugh out of it! Click through our slideshow to see some of Ryan's hilarious memes, and check out his website, Puzzling Posts, or Facebook for more.


Image via Mike Reynolds

  • When a Venti just won't cut it


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    We've all been there! Maybe Starbucks is just too far away. Maybe brewing a pot of coffee is impossible because you've got a squirming kid in your arms. Whatever, you're tired ... and people eat beans, right?

  • When you realize your social life is gone


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    You used to have a first name, right? And friends? Now you just associate with a bunch of nameless parents identifiable only by their offspring.

  • When you thankfully remember to censor yourself


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    Sometimes, the only way to express yourself is through the use of profanity. Most times, you can only do that in silently, in your head.

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  • When you're up at the crack of dawn (again)


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    No need for an alarm clock when you're a parent -- kids are more reliable than roosters! Oh well, you've likely been up all night chasing away bad dreams and fetching glasses of water anyway.

  • When you just can't read one more story


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    Once upon a time ... then they all lived happily ever after, the end! Wait, what do you mean I skipped something??

  • When you're pretty sure your kid is possessed


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    Of course you'll always love your kid no matter what. But that doesn't mean you don't occasionally want to lock yourself in the closet until they finally go to sleep.

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  • When you just want your own stinking bag of chips


    Image via Mike Reynolds

    Rule #1 of Parenting: Your snacks are not your own. Nope, not even those cookies you hid on the top shelf of the pantry. They'll find them. Oh yeah, they'll find them.

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