'That Parenting Moment When' Sums Up Parenting in a Perfectly Hilarious Way (PHOTOS)

that parenting moment whenThere are certain experiences we share as parents that are truly universal: Doesn't matter if you're a mom or dad, or if you have one kid or 10, we all end up smacking our foreheads in frustration in the middle of the night at some point or another! That's what Canadian dad blogger Mike Reynolds has tapped into with a series of cute and clever memes every parent will appreciate for their hard-won, hilarious honesty.


"I decided to start doing them because I wanted to reassure other parents that they weren't the only ones experiencing all the ridiculous things that come with parenting," Reynolds told The Stir about his memes.

"Or maybe I was trying to reassure myself of that very thing," he added. 

"I hoped that if we were getting a laugh out of it, someone else would, too."

Oh, we're definitely getting a laugh out of it! Click through our slideshow to see some of Ryan's hilarious memes, and check out his website, Puzzling Posts, or Facebook for more.


Image via Mike Reynolds