3-Year-Old's Explanation of Why She Gave Herself a Mullet Makes Perfect Sense (VIDEO)

ansleigh haircutLittle kids and scissors are a dangerous mix, particularly when there's hair involved (as many parents know all too well!). Unfortunately, this is a lesson many tots are doomed to learn the hard way, like adorable 3-year-old Ansleigh of St. Augustine, Florida. 


For the record, the little girl was "just practicing" when she chopped her hair into what can most generously be described as a modified mullet. 

"I want to know how to do it," Ansleigh explains to her dad in the too-cute video documenting the disaster. "I was just practicing today."

Awww, poor girl! Hair isn't exactly the most forgiving medium, is it? And as her dad helpfully points out, she doesn't have much left at this point for further "practice." 

"Well maybe sometimes there will be new hair," Ansleigh says hopefully, though she does worry that she might not have scissors when she gets big enough to start "practicing" again.

"We'll get you some scissors when you get bigger," her dad promises.

Check it out:

Ansleigh explaining why she cut her own hair. -Chadmore videos of Ansleigh on YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/user/WeR5Clarks

Posted by Chad-Jennifer Clark on Friday, December 4, 2015

Awwww! That little face! "Thanks, Dad." What a good attitude she has! Sounds like she has her future career all planned out, too. 

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And I gotta say, I feel her pain. When I was 8 years old I decided to cut my own bangs ... and did such a "bang-up" job that when my teacher expressed concern, I blamed the freakish fringe on my forehead on my grandmother. Then, years later, I watched my son go through a similar humiliation when his older sister decided to give him a trim. Hairdressing is hard, y'all! Best to leave snipping duties to the professionals, but that's a lesson we all learn in time. At least Ansleigh is so cute it doesn't matter what her hair looks like!


Image via Chad-Jennifer Clark/Facebook

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