Mom Has More Than 300 Presents Under Christmas Tree & It's Not Your Business

Have you guys seen this image floating around Facebook of a mom who has a Christmas haul almost as big as her tree? Emma Tapping posted a photo on Facebook of what her three children and her mother can expect from Santa this year, and her pile of Christmas gifts has people saying she has missed the true meaning of Christmas.


I say "Mind your bees, people!" and I go back to sipping my bourbon-spiked eggnog.

It's true that Emma's haul seems a bit ... excessive. Especially when we all know there are families who can barely afford anything to eat on Christmas, much less buy even a single present. 


But you know what? Despite the fact that this display of seasonal excess is making a lot of us cringe, it's not our damn business. Or as Emma says so eloquently on her own Facebook page: 

Will i post another pic of my tree? You bet your grandmas nipples i will. Seeing as my picture has gone viral (without my consent!) here is my tree. I LOVE christmas I LOVE spoiling my kids in the festive season and I work damn hard to make sure it is every bit as amazing as it can be. So 2 fat fingers up to all the judgemental assholes and big thanks to all the normal, everyday people who dont really give a shit about SOMEONE else's christmas tree or got into the festive spirit with me. Merry christmas everyone. Share share share 

High five for Emma talking about our grandma's nipples! 

I personally would never buy my people this many gifts. Not only could I not afford to, but it's also my own personal belief that if I did get my kids this many things, they just wouldn't appreciate them. For all I know, Emma's kids love and treasure each and every gift they receive, but after about the sixth present, my own children would be forgetting exactly what they got, and I'd be angry they weren't oohing and ahhhing over the pair of socks I had so carefully wrapped. 

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I also couldn't deal with having that many wrapped presents in my home, considering I currently have about four under my tree and my cat has decided to eat as much of the wrapping as possible. I would also worry about being able to clean under the pile, and worry about the aftermath of Christmas morning and how I would go nuts throwing out that much holiday debris. But that's just me! I truly have to give my grandma's nipples over to Emma for having that much patience to wrap so many gifts. 

At the end of the next Johnny Mathis Christmas song, it really doesn't matter how many gifts you give your kids, or whether Emma gives her kids all the presents in the world. It's your life and you do you, and as long as your kids are kind, decent people and you add a gift to your local angel tree for someone less fortunate, who really cares? Not me -- I've got eggnog to drink and a cat to distract from eating curling ribbon.


Image via Emma Tapping / Facebook

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