'Rice Ball Babies' Is the Cutest, Squishiest Meme Yet (PHOTOS)

rice ball babyYou know how sometimes a baby is so cute you just want to take his little face and squish it into an adorable ball of ultimate squee? Well, you're not alone: In fact, parents in Japan are having so much fun smushing the faces of their little ones that they've turned it into a meme: #RiceBallBabies.


Could there be anything cuter, you ask? Nope, not really -- and here's the proof:

OMG. I can't even!

This little girl is like, "Really, you guys? Ugh, fine." 

But this one thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

This one seems slightly alarmed!

This poor baby can't even see what's going on!

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Yeah, that's some massive cuteness right there. And just think, you can do this to your own baby! (Full disclosure: My 14-year-old daughter does this to my 1-year-old son ALL THE TIME. I had no idea it was a meme, but I do get the obsession!)

Now go and smush your baby's face!


Image via eharamasahiro/Instagram

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