Child’s Letter to Santa Asking for a Mom Will Break Your Heart (PHOTO)

Child writing

As exciting as the holidays can be, it's also a time of great pain for some families. A North Carolina child's letter to Santa Claus has gone viral, but not because the little one wants the latest and greatest item. Sadly, this child wants his mother "back alive," and food on the table.


Christian Wilson is the person who stumbled across this letter, and helped get the ball rolling -- to give this unnamed child's family as much assistance as possible. While there doesn't appear to be a ton of details about the situation, it's quite clear this young child misses Mom dearly, and would like a little extra food.

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This. Is. Beyond. Heartbreaking.

Even with the request for a few toys for this child, and his or her sister to enjoy, I can't help but think about those dealing with unfortunate situations. Who knows what happened to this little one's mother, or why food seems to be scarce.

No person should ever have to deal with hunger.

I truly hope this family receives enough donations to brighten their holidays, along with help coping with the loss of a loved one.

This story is such a reminder about the importance of helping one another, both during the holidays and beyond. You never know what anyone is dealing with behind closed doors.




Image via wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

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