Mom Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk After Son Is Stillborn

breastmilkMom Amy Anderson lost her baby at 20 weeks. Her son, Bryson, was stillborn. Instead of binding her breasts to stop production, Amy decided to pump to donate breast milk in Bryson's honor for babies in need. When her boss used the reason "your baby is dead" for not giving her breaks at work to pump, she quit and began a crusade that changed her life.


When she was pregnant with Bryson back in 2010, Amy and her husband Bryan had heard his heartbeat and had many beautiful moments when he was in the womb. It's one of those magical times during pregnancy -- we really start to learn about our child, imagine what they will be like when they arrive. But at 15 weeks gestation, Bryson was diagnosed with a lower urinary tract obstruction. He tried to overcome it while in the womb, but didn't make it. The couple was able to hold him when he was stillborn. She says that connection made her driven to make a difference in the world, which is why she wanted to pump and donate breast milk which could truly make a positive impact on the health of other babies.

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Not only did Amy pump for 8 months, accumulating 92 gallons of breast milk for babies that needed it, she has worked to change the "Break Time for Nursing Mothers law" to also include surrogate and bereaved moms -- all lactating women. A state legislator is working with her to instate those changes. I think we can all agree that this law needs to be changed, along with many rules involving new parents.

As a mom who breastfed and pumped, I know those challenges that come with pumping -- but in Amy's case she was also dealing with the loss of her child. She truly rose above her grief to make a huge difference in this world.

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Her milk -- Bryson's milk -- supplied 30,000 feedings. It was distributed to five different milk banks. This is such an incredible act of kindness, of love, of honor to her son. And it was also something that helped Amy get through some of the toughest days. She said it was comforting as she pumped and looked at ultrasound photos of Bryson -- it was her time to be with him, her angel. She has done it all for him and knows how valuable that breast milk is for other babies. She's also working toward becoming a certified breastfeeding consultant. 

Grief can paralyze us -- but Amy found a way to make it propel her to do more for this world. And she has set an amazing example for her family -- she and Bryan have two other children -- Brody who is 8 and Owen who is 2. Bryson has changed her in so many ways (as our children always do) and those changes are filled with positively and not just for Amy in her new career path, but in the spirit of giving, and helping babies. What an incredible story of hope and the love of a mother -- it can truly change the world.


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