Little Boy Has a Field Day in the Bra Department (VIDEO)

Toddler boy has a field day in the bra section of a store

The next time you're out shopping and need to buy a new intimates, you might want to take your little one with you. Now, that might sound a bit odd, but wait until you see this toddler boy's reaction when he sees bras.


"I like those."

Little Devin might be a tot, but loves a good bra. The toddler's mom and dad couldn't help but record their son, as he had fun grabbing and squeezing bras. Now, I'm not sure if he has a general fascination, or was just hungry.

Regardless, it's pretty cute.

Guess he's a boob guy (kidding).

Some might look at this and think,"OMG, this type of booby-grabbing is horrendous." Before anyone jumps the gun -- and thinks little Devin's fate is sealed in some way -- let's just pause and take it for what it is: a cute and harmless video.

I see a boy having a good time, entertaining himself during a shopping trip. Rather than kick and scream to go home, it looks like Devin can find ways to enjoy his time away from the house -- even if he happens to be in the bra section of a department store.

My eldest boy (he's almost two) just loves to mess with my stuff. Aside from him trying to wear my nursing bras on his head -- like he was an extra in Sixteen Candles -- he's been known to put my breastshields on his chest from time to time.

Totally random, but a haha moment, nonetheless.

Devin, you're welcome to help me find a new bra ... and shoes ... and outfit. Are you free this Saturday?



Image via Aleph Studio/Shutterstock

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