Parents Make Agonizing Decision to Donate Newborn's Organs Just Hours After Her Birth

Hope Lee becomes the youngest organ donor in the UKNothing can ever prepare a parent to say good-bye to his or her child. It's something so incredibly heartbreaking, and yet, it is an unfortunate reality one English couple had to face. As tragic as it was for Emma and Drew Lee to say good-bye to their infant daughter, Hope, their newborn girl is now the youngest organ donor in the United Kingdom.


Hope Lee passed away just hours after her birth. She was a twin (her brother's name is Josh), and mom Emma delivered the babies at 37 weeks. Sadly, Hope had anencephaly, a birth defect that caused her not to form parts of her brain and skull, which doctors discovered when she was 13 weeks.

When faced with the decision to abort their child or continue with the pregnancy, Emma and Drew made the decision to donate her organs. Emma told Cambridge News that knowing their daughter's untimely fate made their decision a little easier to make -- especially since her organs could potentially help others.

"We were so pleased it went ahead. Just knowing she has done some good in her short life. We're proud she's achieved a lot in her short life."

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As you can only imagine, spending what little time they had with baby Hope was bittersweet for Emma and Drew. On one hand, they were able to enjoy precious moments as a family (the couple's 5-year-old daughter Maddie got to hold her sister), before saying good-bye.

... I'm at a loss for words.

My heart breaks for any family who has to deal with such an unthinkable situation like this. The strength it must take to look into your sweet child's eyes, only to kiss your baby -- before they physically leave you forever -- just brings me to tears. I think this family is so strong. Honestly, I would never think to donate my baby's organs, but can see how they could help others -- both adults and children alike.

I can only imagine how hard it was for Emma and Drew to come to this decision, let alone come to terms that one of their children wasn't going to live. In case you're wondering, Hope was able to donate her kidneys and liver cells to those in need of a transplant. Even though her time on this earth was cut way too short, Hope will live on, in the people she helped.

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