All the Cool Moms Are Naming Their Babies after Instagram Filters: Would You?

Instagram filter baby names are the new trend

Parents-to-be have been known to search the earth for anything that inspires a baby name -- including social media. A new survey reveals the growing trend to name your child after Instagram filters, that just might make your future bundle of joy even more camera-ready.


Now, before you roll your eyes, just know that X-Pro II, Inkwell, and Slumber didn't make Baby Center's 2015 Baby Names Survey. I know it might sound a little odd to think photo filters would make for great baby names, but some people really like them ... or Instagram.

Lux and Ludwig were two of the top boy names this year, and each saw a significant jump in popularity (Lux, in particular, is up 75 percent). Other catchy Instagram-inspired names for young lads include Amaro, Hudson, Kelvin, and Reyes.

Should you be looking for girl names, you might want to consider Juno, Willow, and Valencia.

See, these are soo horrible, right?

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Honestly, I'm not surprised some moms and dads found the perfect name for their baby using social media. The Pew Research Center notes that almost 80 percent of parents get useful information from social networks. So, if you're searching for news updates, recipes, and ways to style up your hair, why not throw baby names into the mix? Plus, moms are almost twice as likely to use Instagram than dads -- so choosing a filter for your child's name doesn't seem that far-fetched to me.

Maybe it's not the best idea to tell someone Instagram is where you got your baby's name, or maybe you don't care what other people think. So long as you're happy with what you choose -- and your kid has a good chance of landing a job in the future -- more power to ya.



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