Little Boy Writes Mom a Ticket for Using Her Cell Phone & Ignoring Him (PHOTO)

Boy writes mom ticket for spending too much time on the phone

Cell phones are so addictive these days, it's hard to put them down. One mother's little boy wrote her a ticket for overusing her phone, that will likely be a bit hard to pay. 


Does anyone have $112 quintillion dollars Mom can borrow? Maybe Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg can help out in some way. That's a lot of money!

A dad posted this handwritten "ticket" his little boy gave his wife on Imgur (it has since been removed). Apparently, Mom has been spending a little too much time on her phone -- prompting her son to fine her for her crimes. Obviously, we don't know all the details to this story, but that didn't stop people who saw the original post from making mean comments (hence, why Dad removed the photo).

In case you can't read it, the ticket says:


For being on your phone most of the time and not being (seriously) with me a lot. Your fine:

$112, 938, 784, 657, 394, 871, 271 dollars!!

Hope you enjoy paying the fine!

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I'ma go out on a limb and say that Mom does in fact love her son, and probably didn't realize the amount of time she was spending on her phone. Yes, this son is expressing his desire to be with his mother, but there are some playful moments in his note -- like that crazy fine -- that likely reveals a forgiving heart.

Hey, at least practiced his penmanship, instead of shooting a text or an email.

I would be a little sad if one of my sons wrote me a note like this, but would look for ways to mend things. After all, there's no time like the present to make a few changes, right? This is one of the reasons why I make it a point not to get on my phone or computer (unless needed, of course) after work. I'm certainly not perfect, but do try.

Hopefully, things are better, and all has been restored.


Image via Tom Oliveira/shutterstock

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