High School Senior Kicked Off Cheerleading Team Over Controversial Immigration Tweet

High school senior kicked off cheerleading squad over presidential debate tweetPresidential debates have been known to "stir" up controversy. Candidates overexaggerate the truth, and do their best to say whatever they think the public wants to hear. When Caley Godino was asked to watch a debate for homework, she probably didn't think her tweet about undocumented immigrants would lead to getting kicked off the cheerleading team.


Caley -- a senior at Rever High School in Massachusetts -- and her mother think the punishment is a bit harsh, considering Caley, who was the head cheerleader, is banned from participating for the rest of the season.

In case you're wondering, the tweet in question was a response to a tweet her teacher sent out during a presidential debate (it was students' homework to watch). When Caley's instructor took to Twitter to question reasons for their town's low voter turnout in this month's mayoral race, Caley's Trump-inspired response (she likes him as a candidate) turned heads.

When only 10% of revere votes for mayor cause the other 90% isn't legal

Needless to say, that didn't sit well with students who saw it, or with officials at her school. In fact, Superintendent Dianne Kelly stands by the punishment, and says if you write something offensive, you need to deal with the consequences.

Well, okay.

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Sooo, obviously, there's stuff about this tweet that would understandably raise eyebrows ... but I think there was a missed teachable moment here. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions about life, but maybe, just maybe, there's a lesson somewhere about how to craft a rebuttal -- that includes supporting your argument with credible facts, and delivering it in a more digestible way.

As much as we want to teach our children about respect and voicing their opinions, I can't help but think this controversial tweet could've been used for a greater discussion -- instead of being silenced with a cheerleading ban. I'm not saying that the punishment is right or wrong. I just think Caley's tweet -- and all the attention it's been receiving -- creates room for a "The More You Know" discussion on free speech, the debates, social media, and whatever else you want to throw in there.

We turn our heads at adults who act immature and say insensitive things when they can't get their point across. Why not help educate our youth not to repeat any behavior they see?

Just a thought.




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