Dad Shares Story of His Son's Overdose at 'Skittles' Party to Help Other Familes

Prescription drugsGone are the days when teens used to play spin the bottle at parties, and maybe sneak a few beers. As the years go by, things continue to get scarier and scarier. Austin Maxwell is a Tennessee dad whose high school son died of an overdose at a "Skittles Party." As sweet as this shindig might sound, no candy was involved -- only prescription pills.


Mitchell Maxwell had his whole life ahead of him. Excited to play football for Mississippi State, the college-bound hopeful told his dad he was going to a party -- and while Austin likely told him about the dangers of underage drinking, he was clueless to ever imagine teens would raid their homes for prescription pills to randomly take at a party.

Hence the name "Skittles party."

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Sadly, Mitchell's life was cut short, as he died from an overdose ... just four days before he was supposed to move away. Needless to say, Austin is still trying to cope with the loss of his son, but wants his family's story to raise awareness about this dangerous party theme.

This is really sad, and extremely unfortunate. Prescription drugs are some very serious stuff, considering so many people are addicted across the country. In fact, a survey from KidsHealth reveals close to 1 in 4 teens surveyed admit to using prescription drugs without permission.

Hearing about Mitchell's story really makes me think about the talk my husband and I will have with our sons. It's easy to say, "Don't do drugs," and hope to God your child nods his or her head in agreement, but that's not always realistic. Sometimes, kids fall to peer pressure -- and sometimes, they're curious. Seeing as many of us likely have some prescription or over-the-counter drugs at home, we might want to rethink how accessible they are, as a precaution.

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Just thinking about randomly taking pills for laughs, a dare, or to get high is so crazy to me. Yet, parties like this appear to be growing in popularity.

This is so sad ...



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