Dad Learns Newborn Daughter Was Put Up for Adoption Hours Before She's Taken Away

Colby Nielsen lost biological daughter after girlfriend secretly put her up for adoptionNo parent should EVER have to go through something like this ... period. Colby Nielsen is a new 20-year-old father whose newborn daughter was secretly put up for adoption.


Thankfully, this story looks to have potential for a happy ending, as baby Kaylee has been returned to her biological mother. Even so, Colby will likely fight an uphill battle.

This Utah dad was over the moon to have his daughter. Born on November 4, Kaylee spent a great deal of time with her father. He washed her. He fed her. He watched television with her. You would think Colby and his former girlfriend would be able to work out a custody agreement, but that, folks, didn't happen.

In fact, Colby's world was turned into a complete nightmare, after his ex told him she was putting their baby girl up for adoption -- just hours before it all was to go down. Apparently, the parents of Colby's ex weren't too happy their daughter had a child out of wedlock, and "encouraged" her to give the baby to family friends.

Sadly, stories like this happen. For an unwed father, in Utah, the biological mother has a legal right to put her baby up for adoption -- even if she didn't notify the father. In Colby's case, he would have to jump through quite a few hoops -- including filing a paternity action, affidavit, and commencement notice with vital records -- before Mom signs adoption papers.

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This story makes me ... so MAD! There are so many children living in the system and homes where there's no love. My heart breaks for any parents who finds out their child was secretly put up for adoption.

And how about that wonderful (there's sarcasm there) response from Utah senator Todd Weiler, who basically told Colby he should've Googled what to do. Sorry, sir, but many fathers assume they don't have rights -- only to have their child taken away. Most don't know about things like the Responsible Father Registry, or the organization Fathers for Equal Rights, that are resources that can help Dad keep his precious child (I had to do some research on my end, as I had no idea stuff like this happens).

I'm not sure if Kaylee's mom wants to keep her or not (there seems to be a heavy influence from her parents), but I do cross my fingers that Colby is able to get some legal rights to his daughter to prevent something like this from happening again.

So sad!



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