If You're a Mom & Enjoy Light Beer, You Must Be an Adele Fan

AdeleDo you love Adele? I mean, like, do you really love Adele -- so much that you use her sultry vocals to narrate your life story? As much as you claim to care for the 10-time Grammy award winner across the pond, it might not be good enough. According to new data from Nielsen, moms between 25 and 44 are Adele's biggest fans. There's just one catch ...


You have to play soccer, and drink light beer.


Okay, so that's a bit specific, but Nielsen claims they know Adele's ardent fans, thanks to information pulled from quarterly surveys given to professed Adele lovers -- along with those who support her music.

According to Nielsen, you know you're passionate about Adele and her tunes if:

  • You work in a health-care-related industry.
  • You shop at Victoria's Secret.
  • You read parenting magazines (I think your being here on The Stir counts!).
  • You prefer Aquafina water.

I'm guessing there has to be some truth to this data. After all, I doubt Nielsen would just pull these "stats" out of their bums. Still, some of it sounds soo specific, it will probably be considered rubbish.

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I'd like to think of myself as a big Adele fan. Aside from the fact that I purchased her previous albums, "Hometown Glory" has been my ringtone for some time. I also have her album 19 in my car -- and walked down the aisle to "Love Song." I don't like light beer, don't play soccer, and buy my panties at Target. I do have children, so can I not join this club?

I'm sure Adele doesn't mind how many of these apply to your life, so long as you give her third studio album, 25, a listen (it drops today).



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