Moms Surprise High Schoolers by Busting a Move at Pep Rally (VIDEO)

Steele High School football moms go viralHow far would you go to show your child how proud you are? Steele High School in Cibolo, Texas, wasn't ready for these 11 moms who had a surprise pep rally performance that deserves a standing ovation.


No, their kids weren't in trouble. They really wanted to show them some love -- through a few popular dance steps.

These mothers all have one thing in common: Their sons play football for Steele High, and are headed to the playoffs. With a sea of students packing the gymnasium to celebrate, Aprill Williams and her posse of mamas wanted to show their support in a different way. Thanks to the help of student Jada Brown, their desire became a reality.

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Seriously, though, these moms can move.

In case you missed it, Aprill and crew are jamming out to Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)," iHeart Memphis's "Hit the Quan," and other popular grooves kids today love.

I am filled with so much hope right now, you don't even understand. Seeing these moms reminds me of my own mother, and how she used to randomly dance in grocery store aisles, or try to imitate steps I did back in the day. It's great to know their sons got over their embarrassment, so they could appreciate the love their moms wanted to share.

Hopefully my boys will be understanding. Oh yes, this mama has no problem getting down in their honor. Homecoming. Graduation. Last day of exams. Doesn't matter.



Image via 2moth11/YouTube

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