Ninth-Graders Asked to Make ISIS Propaganda as Homework

Teacher assigns project for ninth-graders to make ISIS propagandaEducators have been known to think of different ways to teach tomorrow's leaders, but some ideas should go back to the drawing board for editing. The Salem Junior High School teacher who gave ninth-grade students ISIS homework is likely rethinking her assignment, which left many parents dumbfounded as to why she thought it was a good idea in the first place.


Students from a world civics class were instructed to make a "terrorism propaganda poster" that was part of an assignment on why "young Muslim boys join ISIS." Hoping to educate ninth-graders about propaganda, social media, and the staying presence of terrorist organizations, the teacher came up with homework that was very outside the box ... to say the least.

As you can imagine, many parents of students in the class were outraged such an assignment would ever be given to students -- especially in light of the recent tragedy in Paris. Needless to say, the ISIS homework was canceled (it hadn't been approved), and the novice teacher has now been reprimanded.

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Now I don't have an advanced degree in education, but I would probably guess assigning kids homework that encourages them to make ISIS propaganda isn't a good idea. Outside of searches that likely included "how to recruit for ISIS," all of us should be extra cautious these days to not end up on some government watch list.

I mean, can you imagine?

I'd like to give this teacher the benefit of the doubt. Her intentions don't seem evil, just poorly executed. Maybe next time she'll think about hosting a class discussion, or handing out an assignment that doesn't include making advertisements for extremists.



Image via FOX News Insider

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