Anna Duggar Criticized for Dressing 4-Month-Old Daughter 'Immodestly'

meredith duggarAnna Duggar has a lot on her plate these days: Not only is she a mother of four young children whose husband is currently being sued by a porn star for assault, but fans are now giving her a hard time for dressing her 4-month-old daughter Meredith in jeans, an item of clothing they say is "immodest." Um, what?!


Sadly, it's true. Anna posted the below (adorable) photo of little Meredith in the arms of her cousin Dillon King on Instagram, and while plenty of fans had the appropriate response (i.e., "Awwww!"), too many found fault in the tiny little girl's pants. HER PANTS! "OMG they let the little girl wear pants," said one commenter, while others debated the actual modest merits of pants vs. skirts (pants show more curves, while skirts are technically less modest if one is, say, riding a motorcycle, apparently). No motorcycles for little Meredith yet, of course -- just one precious smile:

Isn't she so cute!!!! #Meredith @annaduggar

A photo posted by Dillon King / Wet Ink Design (@kingdillpickle) on

Now for that aforementioned appropriate response: AWWW! Which is the ONLY appropriate response, by the way. Because never mind the fact that questioning the modesty of jeans for girls and women is a backwards and sexist pursuit to begin with (we're talking about jeans here, not G-strings), questioning the modesty of any article of clothing sized "4 months" is 100 percent absurd. She is an infant. There is literally no way to sexualize an infant. Period. You could dress her up like Kylie Jenner and she'd still be an essentially genderless little blob of innocence. And let's not forget how well the whole "no immodest clothing" policy worked out in the Duggar household (that's all I'm gonna say about that). 

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As for poor Anna, how she's supposed to deal with people slut-shaming her baby at the same time as her alleged child molester husband's sex scandal, I just don't know. But it certainly doesn't seem fair.


Image via kingdillpickle/Instagram

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